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So after several years away from 'blogoshpere' I have decided to give it another bash - mainly as a prompt to get me writing again. Over the coming weeks I will be re-inventing this space, updating it with a more contemporary look and feel - I've just spent a good hour archiving all the embarrassing posts from my teen years...! I'm hoping to use the blog to document, analyse and explore various subjects that interest and inspire me. I'm hoping this will encourage me to get out and see more in my spare time and really consider the world around me....and hopefully develop my writing skills a bit too!

I've decided to stick with the original title of 'Chaos Point', originally inspired by a postcard on the wall of my teen bedroom for a charity event hosted by Vivienne Westwood of the same name. This is partially due to a lack of better ideas and because this is likely to be quite a chaotic and sporadic project therefore it seems to suit!


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