Thursday, 3 September 2009


It's been much too long since I last posted! I'll say it all the time but I really do need to keep up to date with this, also need muuuuuch more followers since i'm pretty sure my grand total! wheeeey!
Anywho....i've been so busy this summer that its just whizzed by.
My holiday consisted of:

  • A week in Majorca, chillaxing on my godparents insanely cool boat! & falling in love with the place!

  • A week in Norfolk feeling rather ill and slightly depressed...which I know greatly regret.

  • An amazing week in London at the new house and at London college of fashion doing a short course: An Introduction To The Fashion Industry. It was amazing and has completely confirmed my desire to go there after 6th form! Despite feeling slightly intimidated by the few decked out in Chanel, I felt I completely belonged :)

  • Last but not least.....LEEDS!! Wooooooooooo! Most amazing end to the summer! but went too fast!

I felt so cool being a fashion student and loved my bus trips! Arhhhhh I can't wait to go back with Adam in october to see Black Stone Cherry :) It'll be the purrrrr-fect weekend ;)
Reeeet then! Well I'm pretty determined to keep this blog up now...which will be tricky since I'm so usless sometimes...but thats hopefully about to change. I'm going to work amazingly hard this year to get some fantastic grades!...I'm not even sure if thats possible..all I can do is try my best :)

I'm pretty darn excited about Christopher Kane's collection for TOPSHOP. Just been looking through some of the pictures and they look pretty good, can't wait to see it, although being in Lincoln I'll doubt we'll get many interesting pieces if any!

Also excited for Jimmy Choo at H&M, I best plan a trip to Nottingham or London to get to a store quick.


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