Monday, 26 October 2009


Surprisingly for the first time ever I went on Stella McCartney's site the other idea why I have never been on it before! Its home/introduction page is so adorable!! With moveable woodland creature from Bambi...I found this very entertaining for longer than I probably should have!

I have a great admiration for Stella focus on animal welfare and being eco-friendly. As well as being a life long vegetarian, she does not use any leather or furs in her clothes. Her website is full of useful tips on how to be resourceful and shows huge support for many animal welfare groups.

An amazing way to encourage people to protect animals and our planet! Kudos ;)!

Next month she launches her new range for Gap Kids. From the pictures I've seen it looks like there will be some well dressed tots out there!

Although I don't think it'll top her comic relief t-shirts from earlier this year! I rushed straight to TK-Maxx to buy mine! Still love to wear them with jeans and a plain cool!


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