Friday, 30 October 2009


This half term has gone sooooo fast! Can't believe it's friday evening already! ...and I have done so little school work...oh dear!

But shopping in London appears to have been a great success! Bit fed up of all the annoying crowds though and people who insist on walking as slow as they possibly can right in front of you and making sure that they and they're whole entourage take up as much room as possible so that you can't get past! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Just got what I think might be THE boots for me :)!!! It's been a long search but I think I might have just got it!

I think they look better in the flesh than in this picture. Real leather and from Urban Outfitters, £95...maybe a bit expensive but I think they might just be worth it! Arhhhhhhh! So happy! :D

I also got this gorgeous jumper with embellished and padded shoulders from Kate Moss' new collection at Topshop.

This is a terrible picture since you can't see the actual shoulders an it just makes it look weird...but it's a nice me ;)

On the subjects of Topshop, does anyone else agree that shopping at their Oxford Circus store is a complete nightmare?! It's waaay to busy! I waited in one que today for about 10mins wanting to return a shirt I bought yesterday and when I got to the front I was told I had to go downstairs for exchanges and refunds. So I went down and the que was masssssive! It was ridiculous! I would have been there for at least half an hour! I just gave up and left! and its so crazy hot in there! The Topshop in the Westfield centre is much more pleasant!

I'm really starting to get into River Island more now since I've beenin a few times with my boyfriend recently and was really impressed by some of the stuff! Especiall the menswear. Today I bought this vest top which reminded me a lot of the kind of tops the have in All Saints, plus I love anything with skulls/skeletons/bones on! £14.99, not bad although, the material is rather thing but so is that of thr All Saints tops and they're all around £40 or something crazy!

For anyone looking for studded cuffs it's much easier to go searching in the menswear section of any shop! I saw loads of good cuffs and bracelets today and ended up buying this one from River Islands Menswear. £4.99.

Last night I was over the moon since I had succeded in winning one of the free Giles Deacon scarves from the Cadbury's Caramel Bunny's Nibble Boutique! It Took me a while to get into the swing of things and understand how the whole thing worked but it turned out to be qite good fun! I got through to the front surprisingly quick compared to most people who appeared to have been trying all day!! Can't wait for mine to arrive :)

I also popped into the Wallace Collection yesterday to see Damien Hirst's exhibition, No Love Lost. As i mentioned earlier I love anything with skulls in and really liked his work. I know he's had quite a bit of criticism about them, people saying a 5 year old could have made something of that standard, but I thought it was really good! Maybe next to some of the other amazing work in the Wallace Collection they do look a bit immature, but they are almost at complete opposit sides of the spectrum. Well thats my not very undeveloped opinion haha.


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