Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Ooookay! Been pretty busy since my last post...which is obviously why I haven't posted much since :)

Well last week there was a 20% off student discount night at Topshop so I obviously went along and bought looooads! ....but am taking quite a bit back, but what I am keeping are 2 items that I mentioned in a previous post...It was sooo insanely busy though! A lot more so than I thought it would be!

I also lost my Circus virginity ;) and went to see the Moscow State circus which was really fun! My boyfriend and I had the extra bonus of it being free! Odd story but my dad got free tickets from a random baker! ...my new favourite baker!

Anyway I spent my weekend in lovely London :) Shopping all saturday and sunday 8) Got this awsome knitted pleat shoulder dress from Topshop in selfridges! I think i'm all shoulder padded out now!! But it looks rather sexy :)

Also got an awsome studded bracelet from H&M for a fiver which when worn with this dress gives it the perfect rough-&-tough edge!

But the pièce de résistance is this....


Christopher Kane Gorilla T-shirt! 20% off at Liberty!

Although it was still rather a lot and i'm torn between keeping it and taking it back! It's so amazing! My friends have told me to keep it! It really about the equivalent of swapping all the things im taking back to Topshop for it.....Im begining to edge towards keeping it..(well how couldn't I!)



p.s. saw Frankie from the Saturdays shopping in Liberty and Selridges :) was v. suprised to hear she was a shoe size 4!!! (...I think.. or 5...seemed quite small anyway!)

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