Sunday, 29 November 2009


It's been too long!
A bit exhausted after partying last night so i'll just post a few things that have caught my eye :)

For the party I went to last night I went out on the hunt for some massive but simple black heels with a platform that didn't cost a huge amount. I ended up getting these babies for £22 in the sale at Barratts! I was pretty damn impressed! I originally saw pretty much the same pair in Dorothy Perkins for £35 so was very happy to find these for £22! They were surprisingly comfy too! Could have maybe done with a gel pad things for the ball of my foot..but I was still very impressed!
They have a kind of Loubouotin look about them and look quite a bit more expensive than they were. Also with them being so cheap im not too worried about taking a risk and wearing them to partys or town in case they get ruined!

I came across one of these bags in the Sunday Style magazine today and thought they were pretty cute. I've seen them around before but never really taken much notice. I'm sure there are similar ones else-where but this one is £10 from If you order before 12 tomorrow night you can get 20% off! They're perfect for christmas or birthday presents! I might get myself one :) ...No idea what the quality is like though..hmmmm
There are some really gorgeous Vivienne Westwood pieces on at the moment, especially the jewllery. I love this bracelet and awsome gloves with the skull and cross bones!

I also found the black mini skirt I have been searching for for aggggggggggges! I'd seen lots of people wearing a Topshop which looked good but I wasn't keen because of the panels on it...and obviously everyone has it! But I found a nice alternative in Miss Selfridge for £12! Which I believe is quite a bit cheaper too! ... although it is slightly see through...but worn with dark tights that doesn't really matter! It's still sexy!!! ;)
I've recently been applying to for part time retail work to help with my university application and have handed my CV out EVERYWHERRRRE! but no new yet :(
However, i've also been in contact with a friend of my brothers who works at Ted Baker and she is helping me arrange a week or two of ork experience there :)!!! So excited!
I love Lucinda! :)
AND I finally got an interview for uni! At UCA...University for the Creative Arts! Wooooo!

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