Monday, 4 January 2010


Hope all had a very merry christmas and a happy new year :) I spent a lot of mine working as a christmas stickroom assitant at Clarks shoe shop! Wooop my first job :) it was damn hard work though! I've been exhausted! Have to say I much prefer not working and laz-ing around during the festive season. But I'm glad its done! Today was my last day since I need to concentrate on school work and uni preperations. I now have some experience to talk about at my interview :D

Speaking of interviews, i've been very busy researching and making my shop report for UCA. I've chosen Luella. For those who know me, that comes as no surprise!! I thought she'd be interesting to do since she's been struggling since Club 21 pulled out!

Good news though! I just read that she along with Cath Kidston is to be awarded an MBE :D I'm so happy for her :) I think she has been very influential on fashion in the past few years. There have been bows, exposed zips, florals, polka dots & heart detailing everywhere! My report is looking good & now very up-to-date ;)

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