Sunday, 24 January 2010


I love Nirvana!

Once again I have neglected my lovely blog for a while! But at least that means I have pleanty to write about!
& i'm over the moon to discover I have new followers and comments! Thankyou so much :D Keep them coming 8)!

Finally had my first uni interview on Monday! At Westminster, which I really quite like! It was surprisingly fast to get from Harrow to Oxford Circus, I was impressed! So the location is no longer a problem for me & the uni itself seems very nice :) I think I did well in the ineterview overall, I was very nervous and stuttery in the individual interview though! Unfortunately got the older of the two tutors to interview me, who was a tad scary! But hopefully my silly mistakes will have been overlooked...and at least I have learnt from it and can improve in future interviews :)

While in London I purchased an awsome McQ tunic and Joseph skirt in the sale at a little shop on Chiswick high road called PIE. looking for a picture, I have just discovered that ASOS have rather a lot of McQ in the sale!!

Even more of a distraction from my revision!!

Afraid I'll have to do some photography of my own, since I cannot find a picture of my beautiful McQ tunic!!

Mother and I also invested in the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G McQ studded bangle, ordered from Net-A-Porta in the sale.

I AM IN LOVE! It's amazing! Unfortunately it doesn't fit my mum, which means it is all mine! ;) mwahahaha! I also have a feeling I have posted about it in the past...but i'm not sure...

I think we're a bit McQueen obsessed at the minute! Mum got a great scarf from PIE covered in safety pin print. I'm very jealous. She also ordered a cluth back but unfortunately it was a bit faded in places so was sent back.

The after my interview we went for a bit of shoe shopping and tried on numerous pairs of McQueen heels in the sale at selfridges! Craaazy! In the end we didn't purchase anything though.

However, we did come incredibly close to buying these Chanel heels that were just stunning! (Please ignore how big my leg looks! Its the black tights! They make both my legs blend into one massive leg haha!) If only they didn't cost £500....

Now to jump back to the present! I have just seen a gorgeous little dress in the Sunday Style magazine that I am desperate to get my hands on! Modelled by Taylor Momsen, this adorable little black dress from New Look's new collection. I love how its been styled on Momsen.

It'd go perfectly with that bangle! & I have plenty of parties coming up that I could wear it to! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! :D

Oooooo! And mummy dearest brought me this cute parisian style jumper from Topshop the other day.

I really am spoilt rotten!! :D


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