Saturday, 3 April 2010


Sorry guys i've been terribley stressed and preoccupied over the last month. March was simply awful for me. Failed exams, uni rejections, breakups :'(, suprise deadlines and just plain bad times...! Things have to get better.

Naturally you can see i've neglected my lovely blog...ok maybe its not so lovely but i enjoy having it :)

Hopefully things are going to start looking up with my 18th birthday only being a week away. YAY! Finally :D
To celebrate im having a moustache themes party and trip into town to hit the clubs!

It should be so much fun! All I want is an amazing time with my REAL friends.

Time to start scouting out an outfit...

I have gazzillions of images gathered up in my blog folder from the past two months and I don't really have much to say style wise right now...well I do but my brain is functioning well enough for me to write about them. So we'll just have a random picture post today :) They're always good in my opinion.

I'll probably find more inspiring pictures as I rumage through my folders!

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