Saturday, 11 September 2010


Been a busy week!

Started my college, I am now officially a Fashion student! Wheeeeeeeeeey 8)!

This first week has just been settling in and getting to know people.

The real work starts on Monday!

But got to make paper dresses!

This is the dress I made with my new friend Nicola :D

Turned out pretty awseome and was really fun to make!

Everyone seems really nice, can tell i'm going to love it!

On Thursday the whole art college went to Mablethorpe to make sand-scultpures.

Not really much fashion based that can be done there, so it was more of a 'bonding trip' for us.

Got teamed up with some second years who seems pretty cool. Was good just to get socialising a bit more!

This is our sand pyramid/crazy golf course that we made!

Also have my new job at Blue Salamander!

Everyone is so nice there, really liking it! Much better than working at Clarkes!

It's like I have a whole new life!!


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