Monday, 7 March 2011


Only gone and got myself an internship with Jonathan Saunders!
Chuffed to bits!
My mass emailing has paid off!
I'll be working as a studio runner for 2 weeks in London starting next Friday, the 18th of March.
I love when things come together so fast like this!
Love his work! Using his spring collection as inspiration for my end of year catwalk piece.
Totally prepared myself for my tutor to tell me I couldn't take so much time off college.
I'm so excited and happy!
& actually proud of myself!!
Let's hope I don't let myself down when I get there!


  1. i have an interview for a j saunsers studio runner!! what was the work and interview like for u?x

  2. Hey Natalie! I was fortunate enough not to get an interview! (I think they were short of applicants at the time!!) but they interviewed other people for different internships while i was there. The other interns did the interviews at the time, but I think a lovely lady called Neeha (probably spelt wrong!) does them now. i'm sure the interview will be fine, they're all very friendly! I loved it! it was quite a quiet time at the studio when i went though as they had just shown the Autumn collection and weren't really full on into the designing of the new stuff yet, so i didn't have too many jobs. But it was great, i got to take things to the factories and runfinished garments to PR companies! Very exciting!! You'll love it! :) xx