Monday, 11 April 2011


It's been quite a while since my last post now...I just couldn't face using my rubbish old laptop!

But now I have a fabulous new Mac Book Pro that I got for my Birthday :D
The days of taking half an hour to do anything and working with a cracked screen are gone!

I don't even know where to behind on everything!
So think i'll just start a fresh.

Had an amazing time in London on my Internship at Jonathan Saunders. Didn't want to leave!
It's completely confirmed my desire to live and work in London.
The days were long and tiring, but I loved every minute of it!
& it was great to make some real friends and contacts in the city.
It was quite a quiet time of year as they had just done the AW'11 catwalk and weren't quite full on into the designing for next years stuff, so there wasn't a hell of a lot to do, but i was quite grateful that there wasn't too much pressure as I'd hate to have made mistakes and upset people!
Can't wait to do more internships!
Fingers crossed that something else comes up!

Also got some yummy new things, including bright blue trousers and blue suede heels from Zara!

Unfortunately the shop that I worked at closed down while I was away, so I am now jobless!! There appears to be absolutely NOTHING in Lincoln at the moment! So I guess I shall just be taking advantage of and enjoying all the free time I now have until something comes up!

Yesterday was my 19th birthday, it was sooooooooo lovely! :D
Beautiful weather and spent the whole day with the gorgeous boyfriend playing in the sun & eating way too much!

I got my beautiful new Mac as well as some lovely roses and lots of chocolate! I also got a stunning leather Vivienne Westwood clutch and pearl necklace and bracelet that are to be shared with mother!

Was a great day :)

And tomorrow, a night in town is on the cards!
Wooooo :)


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