Tuesday, 24 May 2011


About two weeks ago I went to visit my boyfriend Jack in Blackpool so we could do a shoot for his most recent project.
He had been given a brief to create a stills movie focusing on Narrative.
He'd given me an idea of what he wanted to do, keeping it black and white and making it look quite old and a song he wanted to work around for it.
We brainstormed some ideas and ended up looking into film noir and the character of the femme fatale.

The final narrative ended up being me playing said femme fatale who is followed by a curious man. She provocatively lures this man into her hotel room and murders him.

We took a little trip to Lancaster to do the shoot which was lovely, the perfect setting! It was full of cobbled streets, old buildings, shady alleys and big street lights.

We tried to make it a little 1950's glamourous.
I styled my own outfit, choosing an old Armani summer dress that used to be my mums with a laced up back. I matched my red McQueen shoes with skull zips (sounds modern I know, but they looked good!) - the red to connote passion and danger ... though this couldn't be seen since the final film came out black and white!
We went to Primark & picked up a bargain black coat for £5! Looked perfect!
We also brought a big dome umbrella, Moschino from TK Maxx for about £8.

I thought the outfit worked really well, it was just a shame it was quite wet & windy when we shot...meant my hair didn't stand a chance!
But it added to the atmosphere really well!

Here it is!


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