Saturday, 21 May 2011


My summer is pretty much complete! So jam packed i'm gonna end up needing a holiday from my holidays!

I'll be starting with a trip to the boat in Majorca with the family at half term where I intend to start building a tan and do A LOT of reading!

After that it's about 3 weeks left of college, which will include our end of year Fashion Show on the 29th June which i'll no doubt embarrass myself in....never should have agreed to model!
Then i'm jetting off to Cyprus to stay in Jack's dad's villa!

Following another week tanning in the sun it's straight off to Paris with two of my best friends to hit some exhibits and go to the best bar's and clubs and attempt to find ourselves some sexy french friends with moustaches!!

Then it's home to start my new part time job at Crew Clothing in House of Fraser and earn some dollar!

After my first few weeks at crew i'm then heading down to London for the Goldie internship I mentioned in a previous post.
Need to make some changes for this though. Due to the new job, I feel it's a bit wrong to go away for a whole month literally 2 weeks after starting! So I think i'll be cutting my internship down to two weeks or so.

Can't wait! So excited for it all!

Plus me moving out is officially on the cards after mentioning it to my parents yesterday!

By September, I may be a very independent woman!


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