Thursday, 28 July 2011


Over the past few months i've been trying to improve my makeup skills, which are really pretty poor! Recently i've been playing around with eyeliner, trying to get a perfect and matching lines on both eyes....had a fair few failures but am slowly getting better!

Due to being told I have rather small eyes int he past and always looking pretty shitty and tired in photos, I've been wanting to make my eyes look more refined and interesting.

After prowling through magazines and images on the internet tonight I felt inspired to attempt drawing in my eyebrows!! Have decided that my eyebrows tend to blend into my face!
Looks pretty fierce I think!
....and maybe a bit drag queeny!!!
They do look a bit like they're been stuck on like a pair of fake moustaches over my eyes from some angles haha!
Would look cool for photoshoot makeup.

I just used a dark brown eye liner for this which is muuuuch to dark for me obviously!
Might invest in a eye brow pencil!

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