Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Yesterday Jack and I did a bit of photography. After spending an evening looking through fashion and photography blogs and websites we felt a wee bit inspired!
First shoot was in a field by my house that had a huge stack of hay bails in which we spotted on the way home. Tried to make it a bit country bumpkin-esque!
Got a bit scared when a tractor pulled into the field half way through thinking we were going to get told off for being there without permission...fortunately the man in the tractor either didn't see us or didn't care and ignored us!!
After getting distracted by the takeaway my parents had ordered, we hopped in the car with a tone of clothes and drove to a quarry in town that a friend had shown Jack.
We dug out a very jazzy old Moschino shirt of my mums and paired it with some bright electric blue footless tights. Decided t accessorise it with my Prada boots and old Raybans to make a very interesting outfit...!
Clothes worked really well with the setting and lighting and Jack got some really nice shots...though it was veeeery cold and I was grateful to get home!!

Jack's favourites are up on his website.


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