Tuesday, 23 August 2011


So last week, Goldie studios were invaded by two rather attractive young women who ran around trying on clothes and taking photos. Myself and the other interns had no idea what was going on!! I was wondering who the hell they thought they were marching in and being so bossy!
Turns out it was the rather famous Brazilian blogger Gala Gonzalez & co.

Turns out she is a preeeetty big deal! Struggling to find out about her as her blog is in Brazilian! But she's featured in Brazilian Vogue which is a pretty clear sign of how big she is!

She has also been featured in Marie Claire... I feel quite the fool for not realising who she was!
Gala is actually one of the ambassadors of Goldie too!
Here are the pictures of Gala and her friend Miranda on Goldie's roof.
Gala in Goldie cape.

See her Gala, Miranda & Goldie's blog!

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