Saturday, 10 September 2011


 I've been dreaming about this bag from Zara for over a month now!!

Tomorrow I think I may actually take the plunge and buy it!
 I've been searching for a simple, but well made big handbag for literally years now! Something that's quite minimalist, not fussy, and can carry everything I need for a day at college or when I go on long trips or spend the night at a friends/boyfriends. Yet non have captured my heart...this I think is the first!
I've been hesitant over it though because of the price. I never know what is a good price to pay for a bag! After discussing with mother today, she seemed to think that £79.99 sounded fairly reasonable for a bag like this, and she's quite a penny saver and bargain hunter, so if she approves then it's A-okay!
 It's sooo gorgeous! Buffalo leather and huuuuge! I could fit my whole life into it!

What I love the most is how it's so simple and minimalist but is structured and looks edgy just from the basic, clean shape of it!
Now I just have to decide between tan or black!
....if they even have any left!
I really hope so!!
Knew I should have bought it last month..
Fortunately there are still some left on the internet I hopefully my dream bag will be with me soon! :)

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