Thursday, 22 September 2011


I'm finding it hard to think at the moment due to illness and just how crazy the last week has been...feel like i've been dreaming!!

Over the last few days i've seen shows such as Mr Start, Tata Naka, Aquascutum and many others as well as going to fabulous parties such as Unconditional's after party at Jalouse!
We've eaten and drank copious amounts of champagne, wine and cheese!!

We also got some fab freebies, including these yummy bottles of lemonade and cake lollipops! 

And of course there was the AMAZING sheer launch party!!
It was a stressful day rushing around and getting set up but it was such a fun night!

But please head to Sheer Magazine's website to read all my show and party reports!

Best week of my life to date!!
I shall try to write more as I come back down to reality!


  1. Great pictures! i would really really love if you could send me the original file as i don't have any pictures that i found of this look so i can put on my blog. Thanks

  2. Sure i'll ask Rebecca who took the photos to send them over to you :) x