Monday, 5 September 2011


I have some VERY exciting news! 
It has all happened so fast I don't really know what to do with myself!

A few days after finishing at Goldie I began to wonder what I could possibly do next and starting trying to figure out a way of sneaking into London Fashion Week. Obviously I was due to return to college but I thought there was no harm in checking out what internships were available at the moment and see if anyone was advertising for help at LFW, dressers and runners and what not.
I usually end up sighing at the number of placements that require you to be available for at least 3 months, this not being a viable option for me due to my college course.
But instead I was very pleasantly surprised!!

I came across and add on good old FashionWorkie for a brand new magazine called 'SHEER'. They wanted journalists, photographers and computer savvy individuals to help them report on fashion week!
I've sort of steered clear of the journalism side of fashion since i'm not that confident in my writing skills and it's just so competitive...yet again, so is the rest of the industry these days!
But I thought, what the hell! Might as well try.

I emailed the editor expecting to get not reply. However, a few days later he emailed me back and invited me for an interview!!
Unfortunately I couldn't make the date he had requested so we rearranged to meet for coffee at South Kensington the next day. A working lunch, very suave!

We ended up sat in a Starbucks discussing the magazine for about an hour and I am very pleased to say that I was offered the placement, it just depends on my availability!!

I'm just waiting on another reply from my college tutor. I think he has agreed for me to go...well he seemed to leave it up to me! He said I would miss some important classes but it is a great opportunity and he didn't want to discourage me.

I'm so excited! Practically speechless! 
I will get a press pass and invites to specific shows that they want me to report on and will also recieve invites to the after party!
The days will be long and i'll have to work fast to get my reports typed up and online quickly!
But hopefully the adrenaline rush (and a lot of coffee!) should keep me going.

The magazine launches on the 15th September and looks amazing!
It's kind of a mix of Vogue and Love magazine and will feature fashion, art and photography and the editor is hoping to branch out into music too.
The editor, Daniel Neale, is only 21! And doing amazingly well in my opinion!
Possibly my new role model!!


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