Monday, 12 September 2011


First day at Sheer was really nice :) Turns out everyone there was quite new so it was rather quiet while we were all working but hopefully the chat picks up throughout the week :)

Started the day by finishing off the two articles I was set over the weekend. 
I had them pretty much done but wanted to tweak them so they were as good as possible..hopefully they were okay!

After that I was told about a project I would be working on throughout Fashion Week. We're planning to do a feature on the website based on up and coming models and their time working the shows.
Very excited about that, should hopefully get a backstage pass so I can talk to the models that we choose to take part :D

So I spent the afternoon emailing modeling agencies asking for their model suggestions.
Felt very pro with my own Sheer email address!

The magazine also went on sale a bit earlier than planned today! & apparently is selling out fast!

Looking forward to the rest of my time working there!

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