Saturday, 10 September 2011


Well I'm back in London. A hell of a lot sooner than I expected when I finished at Goldie!
As usual I made the journey hard for myself by packing waaaaay too much...but I think that going to LFW justifies it! A girl needs all her best clothes for such an occasion! 
Just to give you an idea of how much I packed here's a few pictures..

 Oddly this is my suitcase after I had unpacked half it's contents...
 Managed to bring a mighty eight pairs of shoes with me overall and  really did try to cut down! 
If I could, I would have brought more with me!

To be honest it doesn't look that bad in's just when you carry it all!
But it wasn't that bad, worth it anyway :)
And now I'm all ready to get snuggled up in my big double bed that my brother kindly made up for my arrival! :)

I was email by the editor of Sheer magazine today and set my first writing task!!
I had to write 300 words on photographer Damon Baker and another 300 on set designer Luke Abby.
I've done both but they need a bit of tweeking and I want one or two people opinion before I send them off! Not even to sure when they need to be done by...but they're practically finished, so all if good.

Really enjoyed learning about the two young creatives. They're only 18 and 20!
I'm really amazed at all the successful young people I've come across recently, so many are doing SO well!
Kudos to them all! They're really inspirational.

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