Sunday, 11 September 2011


ZARA just have so much good stuff, that I'm finding it really hard not to spend all my money every time I go in!
Went in today to buy the handbag I mention in a previous post and couldn't resist trying a few things on!
Tried on a gorgeous burgundy blazer with star patterned lining!
It was very Kooples-esque!

Really really REAALLY liked it, but it was about £60 something...couldn't really justify buying it at the same time as an £80 bag :(
But I'm gonna keep my eye on it!
Tried it with some really nice green skinny jeans that two of my friend from Goldie had brought a few weeks ago! Would love a pair of them as well!
 I got this shirt ZARA the day I came home from London last too. 
Looks really great all buttoned up and just worn casually with jeans or tucked into a smart skirt!

Here are a few other bits and bobs that have caught my eye from there recently.

Damn ZARA and their reasonably priced goods!

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