Wednesday, 5 October 2011


So I have FINALLY started my new job at House of Fraser.
I'm working on a concession called fuse, which sells brands such as Closet.
I had to go to two days of training at the start of this week and my first day is tomorrow where I'll have a bit of training on my concession :)
I'm not that familiar with the brands I'm selling so wasn't sure on them at first, but they're quickly growing on me!

I'm a bit worried about having to try and convince people to start master and recognition cards...I hate trying to make people do things like that and generally bothering people while they're shopping!
But HOF really like to push for cards to be set I suppose I'll have to man up and get used to it pronto!

Heres a few examples of the sorts of clothes we sell on my concession :)

Lots of bright colours, pleated skirts and body-con dresses.
Looking forward to having a browse and picking out my uniform! 

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