Tuesday, 25 October 2011


So it's half term and the moment and my family have all gone to London to visit my older brother for the week, leaving me home alone to take care of all the animals..wonderful!

But Jack is home so we've been cooped up in the house together, only ever leaving for delicious meals at his mums!

In our boredom we were inspired to do some Tim Walker-esque photoshoots and so set to work putting together fun little sets, gathering bits and bobs from all over the house!

And here are the results...

We were a bit worried everything would come out a bit O.T.T but I think they work well :)!

Jack decided on just one shot from each shoot and I think he definitely chose the best!
I think one more shot with a different setting would make a nice sort of triptych!

Loved putting together the sets for these! So much fun!

You can view better and bigger versions of the final photos on Jack's website :)


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