Monday, 17 October 2011


Since starting back at college I have been working on a Resort-wear project. We have to design a Resort-wear outfit for a local designer boutique called Agatha

In order to do this we have had to research the store and Resort 2012 trends.

The store was recently voted one of the Britians best boutiques in British vogue an stocks labels such as Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Farhi by Nicola Farhi, Ted Baker, Armani Jeans, Ugg, Paul Smith and Barbour. 
From what I gather the general age of the customer ranges from about 30 to 50 years. However, they also have  an area called 'The Attic' which stocks labels aimed at younger customers in their late teens and twenties that are a little bit cheaper and of a younger style and cut.


Some of the designers and labels that I looked at in my research included Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Celine, Prada, Jasun Wu & Givenchy

Over the last two weeks i've been working on  my final design, developing a pattern and toile and looking into possible fabrics.
I'm making a little dress similar to this. The top will be a little collared, short sleeved with a gathered skirt.
The toile looks pretty rubbish at the moment and I need to make quite a few changes...but hopefully it'll start to come together and look better.

Over the last week i've been desperately browsing the internet trying to fins a printed fabric I like! I'm thinking of making it from a light cotton...with a really bright and interesting print.
Here are a few prints i've found that I quite like..

I chose these because they fitted in with my Mablethorpe and holiday research. The birds and fruit I thought connote the exotic that you would usually associate with a Resort/Cruise holiday.

 I've also been considering having my own fabric printed. I got my boyfriend jack to play around with an image I sent him and he came up with this which I quite like and am going to look into getting printed.

Potential Print Design
Original Image

He simply mirrored and repeated a picture of some bright pink flamingos I had sent his and added a stained glass overlay on Photoshop. When printed it will obviously give a striped effect...which i'm not sure I want so I may experiment with a few other images.

We have a fabric sourcing trip on Friday to Nottingham..though apparently there isn't much on offer there I may try to make a trip to London over half term to search for something a bit more exciting!


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