Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Eeeeee! After getting off to a good start fabric wise, deciding I would have a lovely little car printed cotton (very Prada SS12!) from Dalston Mill i've hit a glitch!

I ordered my fabric on Thursday I think and then brought a metre of matching yellow polycotton to use for the collar an cuffs of my dress. But got a call yesterday to say they couldn't find or didn't have any of the fabric I wanted in blue :(

 However, they do have it in green! I know there's not really much between them, but I just preferred the blue!

Anywho...I have come to terms with the colour issues but am now worried that it won't be delivered in time for Monday when we return back to college!

If it doesn't..I think I shall have a rather angry tutor on my hands..
and I will end up being behind on my project and may not finish in time :/
Which would be incredibly frustrating since I caught up on all my pattern cutting work so well!

Oh fiddle-sticks!!!


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