Saturday, 26 November 2011


So i've been in London since Tuesday night and am due to go home tomorrow..well..I was meant to go home Wednesday night, but decided to extend my trip!
I came down to attend a few university open days but have seen a few exhibitions and browsed the shops too!

Really rather annoyed right now since over the last two evenings I've been putting together a huge post about what I've been getting up to over the last few days. Alas, being the idiot I am, I just managed to loose the whole post!! Fortunately I had half of it on copy & paste!

So the next few posts will be a little out of order ..and possibly a little half hearted since I have to type them again..moww!

So yesterday I was a bit lazy to begin with and stayed in bed much to long really...
But once I was up and going i went to the V&A museum for a bit of culture & learning!

First I had a wonder round the 'Power Of Making', an exhibition all about the breadth and depth of craft's presence in modern life. It featured objects that highlighted both age old skills and contemporary techniques, each demonstrating refined craftsmanship, meticulous control or ingenious application.

Being the fashion obsessive I am, obviously I focused on the pieces of clothing and accessories in the exhibit.

One piece that I really liked was a embroidered dress which incorporated beaded QR squares (quick response squares, that we see everywhere these days!)  that could be scanned with smartphones and instantly linked to the designers website. Clever!

Another piece that I thought showed a lot of skill and is very relevant to my latest college project on experimental design, was a shirt Brownen Marshall. Rather than using traditional print techniques, Marshall used pattern cutting to create a heart pattern on this adaption of a traditional Albany collar shirt. Unfortunately you can't really see this detail in my photo and it's rather hard to explain...I'll certainly be googling Marshall after this though! Maybe I can find some better pictures to demonstrate his work.

I didn't realise quite how awful this photo was until now...oops!
But this was another piece that impressed me. This dress, named 'Widow', is made completely from dressmakers pins! It was created as a psychological representation of a widow. It is both invitingly sensual as well as literally stand offish. Amazing how the pins look like tinsel or even fur.

I also got a glance at a pair of McQueens amazing armadillo heels!
Unfortunately you're not allowed to try them on! Oh boo!

After a look at the Power of Making I sidled along to the Postmodernism exhibition. This was all about the philosophical movement that emerged as a reaction to modernism.

There was quite a lot to take in but it was very interesting, I seemed to be in there for hours!!
I didn't manage to get as many photos from this exhibition as they were a lot stricter on photography, but I managed to get one or two sneaky snaps!

Outfits of the avant garde performer Klaus Nomi
 Cinzia Ruggeri's homage to Levi Strauss dress - A/W 1983-4
Punk Ballerina - Costumes designed by David Salle & Jeff Koons for Karole Armitage's dance company.
 This exhibit featured designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garcons for their subverse instincts and use of enlarged or distorted silhouettes, mixing tribalism and punk with a panoply of global style references. Kawakubo aspired to proclaim beauty in the random and unfinished by using deconstructed monochrome garments, worn over sized, wrapped and layered.

It's definitely a movement I would like to look into in more depth and gain a better understanding of as it's something I have never really looked into.

I attempted to do some sketch book work while at the V&A but it's pretty shoddy! I'm not a fan of moving around & drawing! I like staying still so I can focus and really get into it!
Hopefully I can improve my quick sketches with time and practice though!



I can't remember where I found this illustrator but pictures of her work have been waiting patiently on my desktop to be posted!
Coming across more of her work on another blog reminded me!

 Her work is very bright, playful and girly and although her drawings are very detailed, the rest of the illustrations tend to be very simple, with a dash of colour which is incredibly effective!


Friday, 25 November 2011


I came across these illustrations by Tanya Ling in Vogue's newsletter.
Ling studied Fashion Design and Textiles at Central St Martins  and after graduating moved to Paris in 1989 to work as a designer for Dorothee Bis and then Christian Lacroix.
She then went on to set up a contemporary art project in London with her husband and produced her first exhibition of drawings in 1996 at Gavin Turk's Charing Cross Road studio. This lead to her first commission for British Vogue. Since then she has contributed to leading fashion publications all over the world.
Her work is very spontaneous and free.She uses a variety of mixed media inclusing ink, watercolour, pen and even nail varnish in some pieces.


Monday, 21 November 2011