Sunday, 20 November 2011


I'm so behind on posting! I was on a good roll last month but that has certainly away...
Well for now all major deadlines are handed in and hopefully I can get back to posting plenty!
I have sooo many images in my blog folder that I intended to post about..but now I don't remember why I have most of them!

A little update on me: Completely handed in two rather big projects on Monday after an all nighter doing work on Sunday night!! This included my Resort-wear piece for Agatha Boutique that I have previously posted about. Got my mark back on Friday... and to my disbelief, got a Distinction! No idea how I wrangled that one! Must've been the last minute sequins jazzing up my fabric book!! Very pleased obviously! Finished dress is above..though it's missing buttons.

As a reward to myself, I spent the weekend in Blackpool with Jack eating an ass load of carbs!! Bread, cheese, pizza, pasta, mash, cheese, bread, pringles, cheese, bread, cheese! All delicious though!
Just the weekend I needed to escape and chill after a stressful week before!

Have started a new project on experimental design which seems pretty cool and I think will be quite fun when we get making! At the moment i'm looking at deisgners such as Gareth Pugh, Viktor&Rolf, Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen and the Antwerp Six.
There's a few in there that I haven't really looked at before so it's pretty interesting!

All good stuff!
New posts on their way! 

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