Friday, 4 November 2011


So the other day  I gave in and ordered a few bits and bobs from Whistles sale as it was free delivery!
Unfortunately I wasn't sure on the shorts and top i'd brought and felt that the two bangles i'd also got were still to expensive!

So yesterday on my day of I had a quick trip to Nottingham with my parents to return them. At first I was happy to be getting my money back and that I wouldn't have to feel guilty about spending....

However, I quickly re-spent the money as if was a 20% day at John Lewis and Mother convinced me to spend a small fortune!! But I did get some wondeeeerful things! Though I think i'll be keeping an eye out to see if they come down anymore and try to get some money back from them!

Sooo, here are yesterdays purchases... 

First off were these high waisted leopard print cigarette trousers that i'd had my eye on for a while! Really love them though I think I need to hit the gym a bit to tone up my bum, thighs and waist for them to really look good!

 I also got this little grey top with a leather peter-pan collar, as suggested by mum who had seen a shop assistant wearing it with the trousers. I'd seen this top a while ago and love the collar!

Then mum very kindly brought me this lovely coat with a leopard print faux fur collar!
I reeeeeally seem to love fur at the moment! I was really craving a fur piece for my wardrobe last month and fortunately came across two old Moschino pieces that mum had with fur trims! One if a big zip up jumper/jacket with a thick fur collar and the other is more of a tight long sleeved top/blouse with a smaller fur trim running round the neck and down the front.

Even though i'm wearing fur...i'm not 100% on how I feel about it..There is a lot of heritage and history behind it which I love and it's just so luxurious and beautiful! But you do feel a bad for the animals when you think about it....I think I draw the line at wearing anything with a face or claws....maybe that makes me a huge guilty coward though...hmmmm

I was also talked me into buying a little maroon and navy striped top but I couldn't find a picture of that on any site...though we all know what a striped top looks like!!

Pretty darn successful for only an hour and a half of shopping!!


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