Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Gaaah! Panic!
My finished garment for our Resort Wear project is due in Friday. I'm pretty sure I can get it done in time...will mean a full day in college tomorrow which is meant to be my day off though..

But i'm worried that it looks frumpy and shit!!
The collar i've made doesn't seem to fit...but I think that may be because i've made my button stand too big...
And i'm slightly confused about how I am meant to be doing the gathered skirt..My tutor told me how the other day..but I think he overlooked that it is meant to be elasticated at the waist...hmmmm!

I tried lying it out on the floor and pinning it onto myself to see what the finished thing would look's the result...

Apologies for the awful photo, my phone froze while taking it and I was too annoyed to take another!
It will be shorter than this, at the moment it comes just below the knee which is too long and granny-ish. I want it to be above the knee so it looks quite cute and baby-doll.

I'm not 100% sure of the yellow fabric..I like how it stands out & contrasts to the print...but I think it's a bit tooo bright...mum says it looks a bit like overalls! 
Eeeeeek! I was going for miu miu meets prada...instead i'm getting cleaner's uniform!

Let's hope I survive the next few days..!

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