Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Woo! After not having checked up on my blog for a while, i'm very pleased to come back & find a few new followers!

Hi guys and thank you so much for reading/looking at my blog! :)

Anywho! A little update:

  • University application is sent!
  • I seem to have gone into an odd state of anticipaton & am finding it impossible to do work at the moment! All I do is sleep...i've no idea how i'm still tired! Hopefully it will pass soon...
  • My first interview came through today! UCA Epsom!
  • Working in retail sucks!
  • I go to Paris in less that 20 days!!

Having said that I was quite pleased with the few illustrations I managed to get done last week. 
I also did a little photo shoot at the weekend that i'm pretty proud of!
I finally convinced my brother to get his lazy ass off the playstation and model for me.

I styled him up in a Paul Smith suit, crisp white shirt, McQueen tie and Raybans and got the chickens out in the garden! The theme or narrative I was going for was a modern man in the country, interacting with the natural world, something that ironically seems alien to so many today!

This first shot was edited by my brother. I really love how the chickens look, but unfortunately he went a bit OTT on the saturation resulting in a slightly God-like glow around his legs...! But it still works! I added text to try and make it look a bit editorial and to see what it would look like as a title page for a set of photos. I went for 'Man meets Beast' in a funny, ironic way once again, since a funny little harmless animal such as a chicken probably would ignite a sense of fear in an anti animal city dweller!

...also there appears to be a random black line at the top of this image...I'm not sure how that has come about but it has been corrected!

 Above two of the shots that I edited myself and although they're nothing fancy, I'm really quite pleased considering I've only recently started teaching myself how to use photoshop. They obviously don't really match, but they're just experiments really. 

For my university portfolio I think I am going to put together sketch book with photographer research and my own photography experiments such as these.

I've got so many shoot ideas at the moment! I really need to start noting them down!
Jack is home in a few days and have lots of shoots planned to do with him :)

So much to get cracking!



  1. Good luck with your applications!
    I love this shoot, I need to get my bum into gear and do some more shoots haha! x

    1. Thankyoooou! :) Are you applying to Uni too? x

  2. Good luck with the university and have fun in Paris - it's such a lovely city ;)
    Joanna from

    PS. Check out my new outfit with Picasso thighs in Black Milk style ;)
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