Saturday, 7 January 2012


I've just come across the designer Narella Dore and this lovely photoshoot of her clothing by Erika Rodin on Dazed & Confused's site.
There's something about the shoot thats really darling (I know that sounds pretentious but best way I could describe the vibe I get from it!)

I love the use of what I assume is dip dye extensions. The neat crimped waves combined with the tied back hair reminds me of Edwardian hairstyles, but brought back to the present with pink and blue ombre tips. The delapedated house combined with the natural light pouring through open windows and glasses and pots full of fresh flowers reflect the fresh femininity of the clothes.

  Dore's clothing aesthetic is feminine, strong colourful and earthy, which is all reflected in the set design of this shoot. She takes her time while creating her work in order to reflect the true craftsmanship. For this collection she focuses on knits and crochet. I love how she said in an interview with Dazed, that she would want Joan of Arc modeling her clothes!


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