Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I used to be a serial shopper at Topshop...greatly due to the fact that it is the only affordable place to shop for teens and young women in Lincoln! However, over the last year my desire for their clothes has really plummeted. I think it is mostly due to my studies and really realising the qualities of fabrics and how clothes are made. To me there clothes now always seem to cost way more than they are worth. In a way this revelation, although saving me money, is incredibly frustrating as I now struggle to find clothes that are truly worth buying!!

However, i'm hoping my faith can be restored in Topshop as their Spring collection looks promising and pretty. They've incorporated lots of light sheer fabrics with futuristic silhouettes and kaleidoscopic prints with subtle sportswear. The sneak peak of their collection gives a firm nod to Prada, Celine, Givenchy and I'm even seeing a bit of Diane Von Furstenburg resort wear.

Lets just hope the prices are fair enough to tempt me..


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