Thursday, 8 March 2012


Life is going terribly for me right now. Possibly one of my worst weeks in a long time.
Rejections from my two top universities and discovering that because I am 19+ I don't get a qualification for part of my course that I have already done a substantial amount of work for.


So to keep me from curling up into a teeny tiny ball and falling into a deep deep sleep for the next six months, I am resorting to a bit of internet retail therapy.

As usual of recent, I am drawn to all things pastel!
Here's a few things that have caught my eye...

ASOS Pastel Jelly Watches £18 each
Topshop Gilmore2 Metallic Toe Cap Points £60
Topshop Holly Fulton New Gen Sweater £40

Topshop Blue floral Pj Set £28
ASOS Laptop Case With Metal Bar £20


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