Friday, 20 April 2012


Once again it's been a long time since I've posted! Writing for The Style Column takes up a lot of my blogging energy which combined with all the college work I have at the moment, means I have greatly neglected my blog.

So a little update....I am very happy to announce that I shall be attending University for the Creative Arts in Epsom in September to study Fashion Promotion and Imaging. I accepted my off today and for the last few days have been chatting to other future students and trying to decide which accommodation to apply for. It's all got me so excited! Can't wait to go!

Accommodation all sounds pretty awful...but I feel that living in a shit hole during uni is like a right of passage..we've all got to do it! And if I didn't go in halls I know i'd struggle to meet people and make new friends!

I also recently turned 20! I've no idea whether to feel good or bad about this....thinking about it, I feel I haven't used my teenage years to their full potential for messing around and getting in trouble! Alas I am content.  My wonderful papa treated me to a much need phone upgrade and I now own a iPhone 4S! So nice to have a phone that doesn't run out of battery after 10 minutes and have apps that don't crash constantly!

Looking like a douche, posing with my phone

With all this uni stress I've gotten incredibly behind on my college work including my Final Major Project. Not good. Fortunately Easter, despite getting no sketchbook work done, I did manage to do a photoshoot with Jack which we're both very pleased with! Unfortunately he's run off to New York with uni before sending me copies of the images so I only have these two, which are no doubt bad quality as I had to get them off Facebook. But oh well, I shall post the real deal later and in the mean time you can view the shoot here on Jack's Site. Many thanks to the lovely Hester for modeling.

More to come on this shoot soon!


  1. mwaaah u've an iphone, lucky u! and these forest-photos are amazing :) x

  2. Yeeeeah love my iPhone! Ahh thank you :) x