Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Lots to share after my extended bank holiday weekend! First of all I want to share with you the results of our 50's themed shoot, inspired by a photograph by Loomis Dean for Dior in 1957.  Thankfully, everything ran smoothly and everything truly came together and I think I speak for the whole class when I say we were extremely happy with the outcome!

We started our morning at about 8:45, with everyone slowly stumbling into college. We organised the room so that we had a changing area at one end, a table specifically for all the accessories and two sections for hair and make-up to be done in. Meanwhile the media students set up their equipment to film us getting ready in order to create a short montage of the whole process. I was very happy to discover on the day that I would be wearing a vintage Christian Dior suit! How perfect!

By 10:30 we were all ready and began to make our way up to the Judges Lodgings in the Castle Square where the photography crew were already beginning to set up. After a short wait where we admired how good everyone one looked and took a few cheeky Polaroid pictures, we went onto the set and began to get into position. It took quite a bit of shuffling and swapping and switching of positions until we had it the way we wanted and looked best. Eventually we got the shot we were looking for, and I am very pleased to be posting said image now! Unfortunately this is not the final edit by photography tutor Alistair, but an edit by one of his students who assisted.

My only criticism would by the angle that his was shot from, however, given the size of the room I'm not sure this would have been possible without a very wide lens. Non-the-less, I'm so proud! For reference, here is the image we were trying to recreate...

I got quite a few Polaroids from the day which I think nicely accompany the final image and I shall post as soon as I have got round to scanning them in.


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