Thursday, 3 May 2012


So tomorrow I have a very very busy day! After a week or so of drama, due to the threat that our end of year fashion show (and therefore my Final Major Project!) may be cancelled along with a big class photoshoot we had planned for the ticketing, everything has come together and tomorrow morning the shoot will go ahead!

The shoot we have planned is to recreate the image below. This image was originally taken by the photographer Loomis Dean in Paris during 1957 for Christian Dior. My tutor found the image and due to the current 50's revival we are seeing for Spring-Summer, thought it would be the perfect image to recreate for our show tickets. So myself and other members of the class as well as our tutors have spent the last few weeks searching high and low for dresses, coats, shoes, hats and gloves as well an appropriate place to shoot. Fortunately, just up the road from us, next to the Castle, is the perfect place! Though it will cost us £25 for an we'll have to work fast!

The moment we finish the shoot, I'll be running to the train station to catch a train to Blackpool to see my dear boyfriend for the weekend (which fortunately is an extra two days long! Love Bank Holidays!)

We have a few shoots planned for this extended weekend, the first being one set up by one of Jack's tutors. For this we will be taking portraits of random members of the public from the streets of Blackpool. Jack mentioned to his tutor that I do some styling and he told him to bring me along to help out. So that should be fun, though means I need to dig out lots of random accessories such as funny hats, wigs and glasses and somehow lug them up North!

The next shoot we have in order is a 1920's themed one that I have planned out to fit in with my FMP. For this shoot I've gone a bit crazy on ASOS again, thank god for free delivery and returns! We're hoping to shoot at a little place called Park's Art Deco Cafe (How appropriate?!) in Stanley park - my new favorite place in Bpool! Below are a few of the pieces we'll be featuring in this shoot.

The last shoot that we are hoping to do hasn't really been planned all that much...I wanted to do something based on Spring Summer's pastel trend, so have pulled and packed a load of clothes from my wardrobe that fit the bill. Jack has a shoot in mind for inspiration but I am yet to see it and haven't really had a chance to properly look for inspiration of my own...but there are a few shoots and editorials that come to we'll see how that one goes!

 Expect to see new images in the next week or so!!


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