Sunday, 29 July 2012


Following a crazy and very stressful last month of college, juggling final major projects and work for The Style Column....I finally had a little time to myself before heading off to join some of my oldest best friends to travel around Europe!

Initially this trip had also quite stressed me out due to having absolutely no time to organise myself for it and find out what was going on. My three best girlfriends and a friend of Christiane's from uni all caught the bus to Amsterdam two weeks before me and began making their way South while I finished college.

After finishing college I dashed about picking up last minute bits and bobs I needed for traveling and spent many hours packing and repacking my bag to make it as light as possible before flying out to meet the others in Prague.

I had an early start and was up at 3am to catch a taxi to Luton airport. I was a little anxious we were going to be late...and even more so when the driver pulled over for a what he claimed was a quick wee in McDonalds...however the cheeky bugger hung around and helped himself to a coffee too!

Fortunately timing turned out perfectly and i had just enough time to exchange some money, buy a meal deal and walk straight onto my plane all within half an hour of arriving! Once we were in the air all my stress and worry about getting away was gone and excitment truly set in!

I had a brilliant time away! Prague was a very beautiful place and everything seemed to be sooo cheap! We went to an amazing place called Cross Club one night, a club created from scrap metal with odd moving contraptions made from parts of bikes, irons and other various items!

Cross Club

After quite a long stint in Prague, (which was crazy humid!) we caught the train south to a beautiful town called Cesky Krumlov which was build on a lovely big meandering river which we rafted down for a whole day, stopping off for the occasional drink and snack. It was an amazing little place and I'd love to go back! Going down the river was one of the best things I've ever done, so cute!

After Cesky we were off to Vienna. Initially we were a little dissapointed as our hostel wasn't in the greatest part of town and was pretty dull and not very social. We tried to go for a night out but could literally find no where that was either open or that had the tiniest bit of atmosphere...turns out Austria aren't big on wild nights out I guess....the next day though we were introduced to a much prettier place with beautiful architecture and numerous museums to visit. 

Christiane & Bex enjoying some Warhol

We spent hours going round the Reflecting Fashion exhibition at the MUMOK (review coming soon!) which was great..though ate up A LOT of our day

Chilling with Mick Jagger

 After a short stay in Vienna we moved on to one of my favorite destinations from the trip, Budapest. This great city ois split into two - Buda on the West side of the river is beautiful and picturesque with stunning views and lovely woodland walks. Meanwhile Pest is buzzing with plenty of fantastic shops, bars and restaurants.  I think it was the atmosphere I particularly liked here, it had the feel of east London but a lot cheaper and less pretentious..! One of the best places we went to was one of Budapest's many 'ruin bars'. Built within a dilapidated building covered in ivy crawling up the walls, was a very cute little bar with numerous of lampshades hanging from the ceiling - a lovely place and only a stones throw away from our hostel!

Forest fruit lemonade!

From Budapest we caught a verrrrrry long train to Croatia. The first part of the journey was a 6 hour journey to Zagreb which wasn't too bad and we had some lovely views of the country side. This was followed by an 8 hour night train to Split...which was a little uncomfortable but certainly an experience!

We were all very relieved to finally reach split and our hostel. After ditching our luggage we instantly headed to the beach to catch up on our sleep and cool down. This is how we spent most of our time in Split as well as enjoying a few cocktails and wondering around the little town when it was a bit cooler.

Following this we had a mini over night adventure to to an island town called Hvar. Initially we could find no where to stay on the island but decided to live life on the wild side and go anyway with the intention of staying up all night! We caught the ferry with two new Canadian friends we'd made and after a pleasant journey made it to the island. Whislt our friends settled into their hostel we wondered round the town which was stunning! We soon got a call form our new friends letting us know they had haggled us a cheap room at their hostel - as you can imagine we were delighted.

After some pre drinks and settling in we headed out to a bar in the town  before catching a boat taxi across to a big club situated on a private little island. I'll admit I can't remember much of that night after arriving at the club....but it was definitely a great night! Despite waking up very late...we still made it back to Split in time to catch our bus to Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik was our final destination and was a beautiful place! However, it was a lot busier than I expected, but this just added to the atmosphere. We wondered the castle walls and saw some beautiful sites before exploring the numerous shops, restaurants and bars in the center of the castle. We then spent the late afternoon and evening relaxing on the rocks by the sea trying to get a last minute tan.

I loved every second of this trip and only wish I'd been able to go for longer! It's definitely inspired me to travel more and i'll definitely be doing this again in the future. We've already spoken about going island hopping next summer! Can't wait! And am very jealous of my Boyfriend who is going traveling in a few weeks time! I've certainly got the travel bug!


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