Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I have sooo much to write about and update on my very uselessly behind! I don't even know where to start...

For now I shall just write a brief update on my life and goings on from the past two months that i have predominantly be inactive.

FMP Sketchbooks ready for hand in!

Well I have now finished college - hurrah! It was an incredibly stressful last month getting ready for the show and completing my final major project. show day in particular was awfully stressful as myself and fellow students responsible for producing the show were left completely in charge and struggled to organise 30 odd rather lazy and clueless students and models...but in the end everyone got into the swing of it and the show turned out to be a success! To top off the evening I was awarded Student of the year & recieved £40 woooo! This was quickly spent on copious amount of alcohol the following night for the post show celebration.

Once the show was out of the way I had a week of sleepless nights and long days at college finishing my final major project and preparing my exhibition space. For my final major project i chose to create a fashion publication depicting some of the top trends of 2012 through editorials and written catwalk and trend reports. I was very pleased with the final outcome, especially considering this was the first time I had done something like this and first time I had used the programmes I created the whole thing on. I had my publication printed in newspaper form with The Newspaper Club and it turned out brilliantly!

I uploaded the final file onto ISSU so that I could share with all on here - please take a look and tell me what you think!

Very pleased to say that I got a Distinction for this project which meant that my final results came out as: Distinction, Distinction*, Distinction* !

Which is much more than I was even aiming for!

My exhibition also seemed to go well in end once I had eventually set it up (kept it very simple!) & people seemed eager to take copies of my paper and the postcards I got printed - which can only be a good sign surely!!


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