Monday, 1 October 2012


So I have now moved and settled into my new home in Epsom, Surrey! The house was a little bit of a disaster when we first arrived but with plenty of complaining and a bit of sprucing up, it's looking cute and feeling cosy. Fortunately I have some great housemates and neighbors which is making it feel even more like home already.

Meeting some lovely people and enjoying my course so far, despite not actually having been into uni that much...I fear they're breaking us in easy compared to the other courses and an avalanche of work is heading our way in the coming months! Either way it's still all good!
And having said that I really need to get cracking with the projects we've been set so far....

It's been a very busy month not only with moving in, but also with the many Fashion Weeks happening across the globe, mainly LFW which I once again attended with The Style Column. We had a great group of people working with us this season and are really starting to feel like a team!
Amongst frantically typing up reports, resiing images and generally running all over the place, we managed to fit in a lot of sweet eating and freebie hunting - always great!

 Prior to Fashion Week and moving in, I also attended Fashion's Night Out for the first time.It was a very  fun evening and pretty amazing to see the streets so alive and so many people turn up. Unfortunately we spent the majority of the evening waiting in a long que to get into Alexander McQueen! However, it was good once we got in! I just loved the atmosphere of the night.

I also went to see a play at the Globe Theatre for the first time in my life. Richard III depicts the machiavellian rise to power and subsequent short reign of Richard III of England. We got standing tickets in the pit as they cost a mere £5 which was a lot cheaper than a seat. However, standing for three hours is a little uncomfortable though the play was very good and I'd definitely recommend going to see a piece of Shakespeare there, if only for the atmosphere and to see the ornate stage and costume.

 Furthermore I gave our Olympians a wave at the Athletes Parade through London! is just better and there is so much more to do around the capital.

I suppose the only other real news I have is that I have unfortunately, through my own drunken stupidity, managed to loose my beloved iPhone. Absolutely devastated and so annoyed with myself. life just isn't the same without the little for now I am stuck with a the cheapest Samsung I could find though will hopefully be reunited with the world of Apple soon!!

I will try to keep this more updated from now on as I want the blog to fit into my studies and be another way of recording my thoughts/feelings/findings conjunction with my work. Hopefully I will stick to this...this time...


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