Saturday, 24 November 2012



My first uni brief is finally done and dusted. We got our results back the other day and was over the moon to come out with an A for both parts - great confidence booster!!

We've now been divided into three groups, each studying a different specialism: Graphics & Imaging. Photography & Styling and Marketing & PR.

I'm starting off with Marketing & PR this term which initially seemed the slightly less exciting subject,  however, I'm really starting to enjoy it!

We've been divided into small groups and have two live briefs:

One is from handbag designer Larissa Hadjio, who would like us to help her communicate her brand and identity to a wider audience via a city-based project which has a digital concept.

The other brief we have recieved is from a high end fashion publication called Volt, who would like us to help them promote the arrival of their new online student platform.

So far we've mainly been doing independent research into the two clients but have also started to work as a group to discuss and brainstorm potential ideas. I'm so glad this is a group project as it's finally given us the chance to socialise with others on our course and I'm loving working with other creative minds.

In the next week we're going to be meeting and interviewing both clients as well as visiting Larissa's studio so that we can learn more about the brand and see what they think of our initial ideas.

So far i've been really impressed by the amount of interaction we've had with individuals that work within the industry - we have guest speakers/lecturers almost every week who have all kinds of creative backgrounds and experience.

We don't have a huge amount of time for this project, but I'm really excited and positive about the ideas so far and looking forward to putting them into practice!


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