Friday, 30 October 2009


This half term has gone sooooo fast! Can't believe it's friday evening already! ...and I have done so little school work...oh dear!

But shopping in London appears to have been a great success! Bit fed up of all the annoying crowds though and people who insist on walking as slow as they possibly can right in front of you and making sure that they and they're whole entourage take up as much room as possible so that you can't get past! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Just got what I think might be THE boots for me :)!!! It's been a long search but I think I might have just got it!

I think they look better in the flesh than in this picture. Real leather and from Urban Outfitters, £95...maybe a bit expensive but I think they might just be worth it! Arhhhhhhh! So happy! :D

I also got this gorgeous jumper with embellished and padded shoulders from Kate Moss' new collection at Topshop.

This is a terrible picture since you can't see the actual shoulders an it just makes it look weird...but it's a nice me ;)

On the subjects of Topshop, does anyone else agree that shopping at their Oxford Circus store is a complete nightmare?! It's waaay to busy! I waited in one que today for about 10mins wanting to return a shirt I bought yesterday and when I got to the front I was told I had to go downstairs for exchanges and refunds. So I went down and the que was masssssive! It was ridiculous! I would have been there for at least half an hour! I just gave up and left! and its so crazy hot in there! The Topshop in the Westfield centre is much more pleasant!

I'm really starting to get into River Island more now since I've beenin a few times with my boyfriend recently and was really impressed by some of the stuff! Especiall the menswear. Today I bought this vest top which reminded me a lot of the kind of tops the have in All Saints, plus I love anything with skulls/skeletons/bones on! £14.99, not bad although, the material is rather thing but so is that of thr All Saints tops and they're all around £40 or something crazy!

For anyone looking for studded cuffs it's much easier to go searching in the menswear section of any shop! I saw loads of good cuffs and bracelets today and ended up buying this one from River Islands Menswear. £4.99.

Last night I was over the moon since I had succeded in winning one of the free Giles Deacon scarves from the Cadbury's Caramel Bunny's Nibble Boutique! It Took me a while to get into the swing of things and understand how the whole thing worked but it turned out to be qite good fun! I got through to the front surprisingly quick compared to most people who appeared to have been trying all day!! Can't wait for mine to arrive :)

I also popped into the Wallace Collection yesterday to see Damien Hirst's exhibition, No Love Lost. As i mentioned earlier I love anything with skulls in and really liked his work. I know he's had quite a bit of criticism about them, people saying a 5 year old could have made something of that standard, but I thought it was really good! Maybe next to some of the other amazing work in the Wallace Collection they do look a bit immature, but they are almost at complete opposit sides of the spectrum. Well thats my not very undeveloped opinion haha.


Monday, 26 October 2009


Surprisingly for the first time ever I went on Stella McCartney's site the other idea why I have never been on it before! Its home/introduction page is so adorable!! With moveable woodland creature from Bambi...I found this very entertaining for longer than I probably should have!

I have a great admiration for Stella focus on animal welfare and being eco-friendly. As well as being a life long vegetarian, she does not use any leather or furs in her clothes. Her website is full of useful tips on how to be resourceful and shows huge support for many animal welfare groups.

An amazing way to encourage people to protect animals and our planet! Kudos ;)!

Next month she launches her new range for Gap Kids. From the pictures I've seen it looks like there will be some well dressed tots out there!

Although I don't think it'll top her comic relief t-shirts from earlier this year! I rushed straight to TK-Maxx to buy mine! Still love to wear them with jeans and a plain cool!


Saturday, 24 October 2009


Top photo I stole from Rag Pony...sorry! I couldn't find these pictures anywhere else and i just adorrrrrrrre these miu miu embellished tights!


Sunday, 18 October 2009


Wow haven't been on Jak&Jill in ages but it really is amazing! Photos are so good.

I NEED some of these Chanel rub on tattoos! Sooooooooooo amazing!!



Had an awsome time in London with my boyfriend :D I'd bought us tickets to see one of his favourite bands as an anniversary present back in July.

The concert was awsome! They are sooo good live!

I really hope he enjoyed it too :)

On a negative note though....I took the Christopher Kane top back :( :( :( Decided it was toooo expensive. & when I showed Adam a picture of it on my phone he didn't seem keen :P

I think i'll probably regret doing that....but oh not to think about it!!!

I got a fabulous sequin jacket from H&M though! Navy/black £49.99...not too bad and looks awsome :)!

Also managed to get Adam's birthday present without him seeing it! I got him this mesenge bag from Ted Baker £50, I think its nice and he used to have a similar-ish favourite bag but broke it when jumping out of a tree....: Anyway really hope he likes it!!!

Amazing time! :)

Just watching T4 inteview with Alexandra the dress she's wearing, looks great on her!


Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Forgot to mention in my last post about my shopping in London about the gorgeous necklace my mum got me as a late late late birthday present! (My birthday was in April!)

Pictures aren't fantastic sorry but its adorable! By Alex Monroe! So so soooo sweet! Mum and I saw it over the the summer and couldn't stop coo-ing over it! :)


Ooookay! Been pretty busy since my last post...which is obviously why I haven't posted much since :)

Well last week there was a 20% off student discount night at Topshop so I obviously went along and bought looooads! ....but am taking quite a bit back, but what I am keeping are 2 items that I mentioned in a previous post...It was sooo insanely busy though! A lot more so than I thought it would be!

I also lost my Circus virginity ;) and went to see the Moscow State circus which was really fun! My boyfriend and I had the extra bonus of it being free! Odd story but my dad got free tickets from a random baker! new favourite baker!

Anyway I spent my weekend in lovely London :) Shopping all saturday and sunday 8) Got this awsome knitted pleat shoulder dress from Topshop in selfridges! I think i'm all shoulder padded out now!! But it looks rather sexy :)

Also got an awsome studded bracelet from H&M for a fiver which when worn with this dress gives it the perfect rough-&-tough edge!

But the pièce de résistance is this....


Christopher Kane Gorilla T-shirt! 20% off at Liberty!

Although it was still rather a lot and i'm torn between keeping it and taking it back! It's so amazing! My friends have told me to keep it! It really about the equivalent of swapping all the things im taking back to Topshop for it.....Im begining to edge towards keeping it..(well how couldn't I!)



p.s. saw Frankie from the Saturdays shopping in Liberty and Selridges :) was v. suprised to hear she was a shoe size 4!!! (...I think.. or 5...seemed quite small anyway!)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Just watched The September Issue, a documentary following american Vogue editor Anna Wintour in the making of the September issue of the magazine.
Really liked it, although as if Anna is that temperate!! HA
Andre Leon Talley is such a hero, seeing him playing tennis with all his Louis Vuitton kit and tennis watch made me giggle!
And Grace Coddington, the hidden talent behind it all!
Didn't find out anything truely amazing from it but it was quite enjoyable to watch and I loved some of the shoots in it!


Thursday, 1 October 2009

A few things that caught my eye on the Topshop website...
ANYA slouch buckle peep boot £90

Silk vest dress by Emma Cook £85

Ice skater dress by Boutique £120

Cosmic zip shoulder pad dress £45

Knitted shoulder pad top £30 - My friend was wearing this yesterday and it looked awsome, the photo doesn't really do it justice!

Anna rose cowl neck dress £45