Friday, 11 March 2011


I want want WANT bright things!!!
I think i'll start with a pair a red 3/4 trousers & blue suede heels!
Please please please!
Gonna spend a fortune in London!
Need to sell my old clothes.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I must find this little suede dress from H&M that Rumi Neely is wearing in this photo from her blog FashionToast.
So jealous, she has THE best wardrobe and job!
She has an amazing collection of shoes too!
Ahhhhhh dreamy!
I want my hair exactly like this please!
Infact I just want to be her!

Last night I came across these fantastic images by Solve Sundsbo, featuring super model Alla Kostromicheva, inspired by McQueen's 2010 Spring 'Plato's Atlantis' Collection.
They're so stunning, I love them!
Last night I finally got round to watching the channel 4 documentary 'McQueen and I', all about Alexander McQueen's career and partnership with magazine editor and fashion icon, Isabella Blow and their tragic deaths.
It gave my goose bumps and sent shivers up my spine!
It was a very dark end for the both of them.
His work was just so amazing and his shows were immense.
I will always look up to this man.
Watch 'McQueen and I' on 4OD:

Monday, 7 March 2011


Only gone and got myself an internship with Jonathan Saunders!
Chuffed to bits!
My mass emailing has paid off!
I'll be working as a studio runner for 2 weeks in London starting next Friday, the 18th of March.
I love when things come together so fast like this!
Love his work! Using his spring collection as inspiration for my end of year catwalk piece.
Totally prepared myself for my tutor to tell me I couldn't take so much time off college.
I'm so excited and happy!
& actually proud of myself!!
Let's hope I don't let myself down when I get there!