Friday, 29 July 2011


I swear, all I think about is food these days!

Such a fatty...This must stop.


On arriving home form Paris I found a letter containing my summer college projects.
When we start back we will be designing for a local Boutique called Agatha.
Every year they set the second year fashion students a different brief and at the end of year fashion show they announce their favourite who wins a small prize and I believe their creation is displayed in the shop.

Our project this year is to design some Cruise/Resort wear.
Therefore, over the last week and a half I have been researching 2012 Resort collections.
Today I came across Carven's collection.
I've never heard of Carven before and was pleasantly surprised!

They've got some very cute clothing.
I like the mix of prints with the block beige and navy.
Plus the bright heels with big bows on the back just add to the cuteness :)

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Over the past few months i've been trying to improve my makeup skills, which are really pretty poor! Recently i've been playing around with eyeliner, trying to get a perfect and matching lines on both eyes....had a fair few failures but am slowly getting better!

Due to being told I have rather small eyes int he past and always looking pretty shitty and tired in photos, I've been wanting to make my eyes look more refined and interesting.

After prowling through magazines and images on the internet tonight I felt inspired to attempt drawing in my eyebrows!! Have decided that my eyebrows tend to blend into my face!
Looks pretty fierce I think!
....and maybe a bit drag queeny!!!
They do look a bit like they're been stuck on like a pair of fake moustaches over my eyes from some angles haha!
Would look cool for photoshoot makeup.

I just used a dark brown eye liner for this which is muuuuch to dark for me obviously!
Might invest in a eye brow pencil!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Yesterday Jack and I did a bit of photography. After spending an evening looking through fashion and photography blogs and websites we felt a wee bit inspired!
First shoot was in a field by my house that had a huge stack of hay bails in which we spotted on the way home. Tried to make it a bit country bumpkin-esque!
Got a bit scared when a tractor pulled into the field half way through thinking we were going to get told off for being there without permission...fortunately the man in the tractor either didn't see us or didn't care and ignored us!!
After getting distracted by the takeaway my parents had ordered, we hopped in the car with a tone of clothes and drove to a quarry in town that a friend had shown Jack.
We dug out a very jazzy old Moschino shirt of my mums and paired it with some bright electric blue footless tights. Decided t accessorise it with my Prada boots and old Raybans to make a very interesting outfit...!
Clothes worked really well with the setting and lighting and Jack got some really nice shots...though it was veeeery cold and I was grateful to get home!!

Jack's favourites are up on his website.



Tommy Ton

Friday, 22 July 2011


Liking a lot of high street lookbooks at the moment. Here's a few looks from Topshop and Whistles that have caught my eye.



So please that Topshop finally seems to have some cool collections again!
It's been a few years since i've truly loved anything from there!



I've just returned from a whirlwind fortnight of traveling! Started with a gorgeous week in Cyprus with my boyfriend, where we visited a different beach each day and drank a lot of Gin Fizz! Thought I'd managed to get a decent tan for once but on arriving home realised this was not so......i'll have to stick to attempting to use the fake stuff!! Had such a fun time! Went parasailing which was amaaazing! We went so high I was scared to move incase I slipped out! Was so cute, the perfect one year anniversary celebration!

Then 24 hours after arriving home at 4 am I hopped on the Eurostar to beautiful
Paris! It was just how I imagined! I love the buildings there, all the little windows and balconies. One of my favourite places we went was the Tuileries Gardens. They're so pretty! I loved the little boats children could buy and sail in the pools of water. Could have sat there in the sun all day!
We saw all the typical tourist sights, Arc De Triomphe, the Louvre, Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, Notre Dame, Champ Elysees, the Pompidou centre, Seine river and of course the Eiffel tower! All so so sooooo lovely!!
Was pleasantly surprised that the museums were free to people aged 18-21 from Europe! Saved some pennies there! But was very dissapointed that we didn't make it to the museum des Art Decratifs where the Hussein Chalayan and Kate Moss Photography exhibits were being held. We planned to go on the Monday we were coming home. Got there to discover that it is not open on Mondays! Doh!!! The Louvre and Pompidou were great though and filled my art and culture craving for the week!
A brillllliant two weeks! Just what I needed after all the stress of my last college project! Now a week of relaxing and seeing friends and family before running off to London for my internship.