Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I'm sooo happy! :)

Today was the photo-shoot for my Resort-wear dress which I've been wanting to do for absolutely aaaages!  After a few difficulties and with the help of Jack and my brother Angus we finally made it into the college photography studio and managed to find a great model who was available at the same time!

I started the day out being very stressed and flustered and just generally moody..not really to sure why...but once we got started I was happy as larry!

An old school friend called Shiv modeled for us and her look went perfectly with my dress and the whole theme and feel we wanted for the shoot.

We were looking at the photography of Alex Prager and the styling from the current Prada campaign and editorials styled by Karen Langley and Katie Shillingford.

Here's the first picture that's all edited and finished.
More to come :)

Many thanks to Shiv, Jack and Angus!
...and no thanks to the unhelpful photography staff of Lincoln College!

See more of Jack's photography here.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Woo! After not having checked up on my blog for a while, i'm very pleased to come back & find a few new followers!

Hi guys and thank you so much for reading/looking at my blog! :)

Anywho! A little update:

  • University application is sent!
  • I seem to have gone into an odd state of anticipaton & am finding it impossible to do work at the moment! All I do is sleep...i've no idea how i'm still tired! Hopefully it will pass soon...
  • My first interview came through today! UCA Epsom!
  • Working in retail sucks!
  • I go to Paris in less that 20 days!!

Having said that I was quite pleased with the few illustrations I managed to get done last week. 
I also did a little photo shoot at the weekend that i'm pretty proud of!
I finally convinced my brother to get his lazy ass off the playstation and model for me.

I styled him up in a Paul Smith suit, crisp white shirt, McQueen tie and Raybans and got the chickens out in the garden! The theme or narrative I was going for was a modern man in the country, interacting with the natural world, something that ironically seems alien to so many today!

This first shot was edited by my brother. I really love how the chickens look, but unfortunately he went a bit OTT on the saturation resulting in a slightly God-like glow around his legs...! But it still works! I added text to try and make it look a bit editorial and to see what it would look like as a title page for a set of photos. I went for 'Man meets Beast' in a funny, ironic way once again, since a funny little harmless animal such as a chicken probably would ignite a sense of fear in an anti animal city dweller!

...also there appears to be a random black line at the top of this image...I'm not sure how that has come about but it has been corrected!

 Above two of the shots that I edited myself and although they're nothing fancy, I'm really quite pleased considering I've only recently started teaching myself how to use photoshop. They obviously don't really match, but they're just experiments really. 

For my university portfolio I think I am going to put together sketch book with photographer research and my own photography experiments such as these.

I've got so many shoot ideas at the moment! I really need to start noting them down!
Jack is home in a few days and have lots of shoots planned to do with him :)

So much to get cracking!


Thursday, 12 January 2012


As usual I can't sleep.
This is probably greatly due to the fact that for the last three days I have stayed home from both college and work and pretty much purely spent my entire time in bed.

I don't even understand how I was tired enough to practically sleep all of today.
Maybe I really am ill on some level...

Anywho, after sleeping till 6pm, I decided to do something with my evening and set to work on some illustrations, purely for practice since it's been a life time since I've properly sat down and concentrated on drawing something.

It felt good to fully get into it again and create things i'm happy with and that are mostly finished. Especially since I have been so unproductive since Christmas. I just can't seem to get back into the swing of things....which is a gigantic ball ache since it's at such a crucial time, with university interviews and portfolio reviews looming.

 Anywho...due to my inability to sleep, I felt like posting and sharing my work!
Admittedly, some of these are old, the ones on the right are what I did tonight.

A David Downton copy and Kate Moss on the cover or Dazed&Confused
Chanel Girl and Prada Candy advert
McQueen gown and Iris Apfel

 Tonight I began concentrating on my pencil and sketch work but ended up digging out my water colours to add some quick and easy colour and black ink to make certain areas stand out more and add depth to features such as eyes.

For the Prada Candy image I added oil pastel on top of water colours to make the hair brighter. And for the Iris Apfel illustration, which I wanted to look quite funny and cartoon-ish, I used bold acrylic paint.

I'm pretty pleased with them all to be honest. It's been so long since I've actually drawn something i'm pleased with and haven't given up on after the first few minutes.

Hopefully I can keep this up and create a few nice pieces that could be included in my Uni portfolio.


Saturday, 7 January 2012


I've just come across the designer Narella Dore and this lovely photoshoot of her clothing by Erika Rodin on Dazed & Confused's site.
There's something about the shoot thats really darling (I know that sounds pretentious but best way I could describe the vibe I get from it!)

I love the use of what I assume is dip dye extensions. The neat crimped waves combined with the tied back hair reminds me of Edwardian hairstyles, but brought back to the present with pink and blue ombre tips. The delapedated house combined with the natural light pouring through open windows and glasses and pots full of fresh flowers reflect the fresh femininity of the clothes.

  Dore's clothing aesthetic is feminine, strong colourful and earthy, which is all reflected in the set design of this shoot. She takes her time while creating her work in order to reflect the true craftsmanship. For this collection she focuses on knits and crochet. I love how she said in an interview with Dazed, that she would want Joan of Arc modeling her clothes!


Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I'm very much liking the look of many of Spring Summer 2012's up and coming ad campaigns!
Here's a few of my favorites...
Mulberry - Featuring Lindsay Wixon & Frida Gustavsson - Photographed by Tim Walker
Dolce & Gabbana - Featuring Monica Bellucci & Bianca Balti
Givenchy - Featuring Gisele Bundchen
Prada - Featuring Elise Crombez & Natasha Poly - Photographed By Steven Meisel
Chanel - Featuring Joan Smalls& Saskia de Brauw - Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld
Louis Vuitton - Featuring Kati Nescher &  Daria Stokous - Photographed by Steven Meisel
 Undoubtedly the ones I love the most are those shot by Tim Walker and Steven Meisel!
Looking forward to stealing these from magazines to stick on my walls!


Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I just stumbled upon this on someone else's blog. Dakota Fanning is this February's cover girl for ELLE, the first to go on sale in 2012.

ELLE Subscribers Cover

I'm actually a little disappointed that I'll be receiving the subscribers version of the cover as I much prefer the newstand cover! ..This is probably greatly due to my love of Prada's SS'12 collection, particularly the amazing car print, since I recently also used a car print for my last project!

ELLE Newsstand Cover

Maybe I can do a swap with someone!



I used to be a serial shopper at Topshop...greatly due to the fact that it is the only affordable place to shop for teens and young women in Lincoln! However, over the last year my desire for their clothes has really plummeted. I think it is mostly due to my studies and really realising the qualities of fabrics and how clothes are made. To me there clothes now always seem to cost way more than they are worth. In a way this revelation, although saving me money, is incredibly frustrating as I now struggle to find clothes that are truly worth buying!!

However, i'm hoping my faith can be restored in Topshop as their Spring collection looks promising and pretty. They've incorporated lots of light sheer fabrics with futuristic silhouettes and kaleidoscopic prints with subtle sportswear. The sneak peak of their collection gives a firm nod to Prada, Celine, Givenchy and I'm even seeing a bit of Diane Von Furstenburg resort wear.

Lets just hope the prices are fair enough to tempt me..