Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Photographer: Nick Knight
Model: Krystal Glynn
Stylist: Nicole Bonython-Hines

Madison Magazine
October 2011



So since getting back to uni, after having spent a lovely few weeks back home in Lincoln for Christmas, I have moved onto the Photography & Styling module.

This project requires us to photograph & style a fashion story. Our starting point could be anything from the V&A.

After spending a couple of hours getting lost in the beautiful V&A and taking millions of photos I decided that I would focus on the following pieces.

Both of these pieces had connections to scientific subjects which obviously appealed to the geek within me and compelled me to research further into this area and ignited my imagination with photoshoot possibilities.

My research lead me to look into Sci-fi films, TV shows and novels - Tron, Another Earth, Dr Who, UFO, The Fith Element, Blade Runner, Sin City, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - to name a few!


All provided me with some amazing visual inspiration and I soon began getting caught up in all the possible narratives and characters I could create within a shoot.

Conveniently there are many obvious connections to all things space age and extra terestrial on the catwalks for Spring Summer 2013 - Irridesence, Neon, Clinical Whites etc - Just look to the collections of Burberry, Iris Van Herpen and Markus Lupfer and it's easy to see that their inspirations for this season were somewhat out of this world...


So over the past few days I've been running around collecting clothes from all over and spending a small fortune. Over the weekend a I did a little test shoot with myself and then  my first official shoot with my good friend Kelly. I've been playing around on photoshop ever since, experimenting with backgrounnds & special effects. Here's a few examples of what I have produced so far.....and I'm very happy with it! Loving this project....

So happy with how these have turned out and that my tutor seems to be into them!
I think now it's just about playing around to see what looks best and goes well together.

I also need to decide on a magazine that they would be appropriate for. So far I'm considering: The Hunger, LOVE & POP Magazine.


Monday, 28 January 2013


As usual this is a very belated post. So we finished the Larissa Hadjio project & it turned out brilliantly - so proud of our group!

The animation and pitch was a huge success!

So here's our final animation 
Credit to: Piers Crosby, Sophie Watson, Amanda Tsang, Molly Tanner, Nicola Ratcliffe & myself!
All bags & accessories by Larissa Hadjio
Special thanks to Justyna for teaching us how to use Final Cut Pro!

We got our marks back week or so ago & got A's all round :)

Also got an A for our Contextual Studies test - woo! #Geek